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The CSR goal is to contribute up to 50% of profits from our merchandise range as well as up to 10% of profits from other sources to, SPECIFICALLY, EDUCATION and WEALTH CREATION. 

To achieve our vision, we believe that men and women, boys and girls, throughout Africa need equal opportunities that will enable them lead better lives – opportunities that culminate in having a purpose and finding that purpose – and so we will not only champion our own initiatives in this regard but also support credible missions/causes locally and internationally with a focus on the DUO.

Find below the causes we have initiated/signed up to and do check back regularly to follow updates.


Simple. We will commit to empowering the African girl child!

We will do so by committing a percentage of profits from our merchandise range with a Maroon colour/element to focus on African girl child education and wealth creation.

For the same reason, we will intentionally scout for qualified girls throughout Africa to intern at the Arena’s laboratories.


One of the most neglected issues that affects us the most in Africa is desertification. We believe that as more and more land gets claimed by the desert, the more we have out of school children, unemployed households and insurgency in, especially, rural communities

So we have identified to commit a percentage of profits from our MERCHANDISE with a GREEN colour towards planting 200 million trees throughout Africa (see country list) to push back the desert.