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The Arena is a purposely built futuristic tech park that will fuse Research and Lifestyle into 1 reality. The concept is developed in-house from scratch and the argument is that to catalyze rapid tech advancement in the continent, researchers, developers and creators need to be constantly fed the realities of their existence in a deliberate and organised manner.

Below is a list of corners at the Arena

  • Staging Area/Holding Platforms
  • Emporiums
  • Golf Courses
  • Tracks
  • A Hotel with a Helipad
  • Sky Restaurant, lounge & Bar

Investment Options

There are a range of investment options at the Arena and they include

  • Equity
  • Product Sale
  • Debt 


There are a range of partnership options available in the development and running of the entire park and that is open to the public and private sectors. Do check back regularly for a call to submit proposals or TALK TO US now if you are ready to walk with us. 


TALK TO US now, if you and your team are ready to learn about the investment options that match your goals.