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Although the startup campus and other select corners/activities at the Arena is member-free, there are premium options on demand for VIP guests/clients and they include;


This membership category gives total access to holders and members of their family on a last name basis with an available 20 slots – holder inclusive. With one access card, members can access the facilities resources which include Golf Courses, Research Labs, Hotel, Lounges, Racing Tracks and Helipad. Only the holder, their spouse and 4 children are allowed to access the facility without displaying the Black Card. Every other member in the list of 20 will need to present the card before admission. Admission to LLM? CONNECT


Members have full access as LLM except the slots for family members. Members can access up to 50% discounts at Hotel, Dining and Lounges. Costs decent and admits only 1. Members have access to the Helipad.

Transferable VIP Golf Course Membership

Members can access the VIP Golf Courses under a yearly or lifetime plan at Competitive Rates. Membership maxes out at 100 and only admits +1 on an always present card basis. Lifetime membership is transferable only once upon incapacitation [and request] of the original holder. Members also have access to the Helipad.

Race Track Membership

Adrenaline junkies and owners of top of the range engines can access the facilities tracks 24/7 by signing up for membership under this category which costs (Ask Us) and is renewable yearly. Group booking of 10 for a year is even better. Members can access up to 50% discount on select services and membership slots is open but members must go through a pre qualification screening

Restricted Facility Membership

To access the Research Labs, Emporiums, Holding Platforms, Sporting and other venues, seekers can sign up to weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly plans for N#####, N#####, N###### and N###### respectively.

Benefits of Membership

Rip us off: Thats right. Do the math!

Never miss an event: No quota exhaustion, no queues, no rush. Infact, you only have to make up your mind when you don’t want to attend. 

Never miss a thing: Members get an early scoop on planned events, can download unlimited footage from previous events and get a copy of our work & lifestyle magazines.

Sit first row even when you come last. Except, of course, other members or higher members arrive before you do.

Bring Family and Friends at a discount or no rate at all